"The keys to unlocking your dreams and passion are already hidden within you!   My very rewarding life's work is to guide my clients on their journey to reaching their goals and Living the Life or their dreams."


 - Dr. Alessandro Borrelli 

Welcome to Our Coaching Family! 

By combining the principles of Therapy & Positive Psychology with Coaching, I offer a unique "hybrid" approach to coaching

and my clients are experiencing truly transformative results

"I specialize in helping motivated individuals regain control of their lives, end self-

sabotaging cycles and behaviors and heal their relationship with themselves. 

Through my revolutionary new “Metamorphosis Coaching Program”, my clients realize the power of living a life of purpose, productivity and passion."


 "After spending more than ten years working as a psychotherapist in Italy, I relocated to New York to start the LIVE YOUR LIFE COACHING Network." 



   If you’re tired of living life feeling stuck, ineffective, emotionally vacant, weak, defeated, isolated and overwhelmed...…


The revolutionary 3 month “Metamorphosis Program” is the key to unlocking the life you know in your heart you deserve to be living!

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Live Your Life Coaching Inc.

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