My name is Dr. Alessandro Borrelli.

I'm a Anxiety Stress Coach and psychotherapist. I provide an easy path, by combining principles of psychotherapy, positive psychology and and coaching I have created a transformative program that is designed to help people with chronic anxiety overcome panic attacks and achieve and regain full control of their lives and calm mind.

Here Is What It Will Do For You

My coaching will help you heal overwhelming fearful and anxious thoughts, allowing you to achieve a positive and calm mindset. 

This Is The Process I Use

The process we use starts with 3 phases and building sustained experiences of peace, full control and peace of your brain!
Once this process is complete and you are able to regain total control of your life, healing from the pain that paralyzed you for long time. My clients begin their experience of anxiety or panic being aware of the real transformation of the quality of life that they regained.

This Is Why It is Different

Most of the time people are unable to heal chronic anxiety long term, because they are not using a proven step by step system that hows them how to target the root cause of anxiety in the brain. My clients learn how to connect the stress response with a real transformative psychological change allowing them to heal their anxiety.